Established in 1992, Intersect Systems Inc  is a privately-held Texas corporation, dedicated to developing and selling software systems for records management, including software applications for developing and managing records control schedules for complying with state and federal records retention requirements; scalable records database systems for management of electronic and physical records and related workflow processes; and related systems and applications.

Noted for its innovative series of Retention Schedule Manager software applications, Intersect first published the Texas Retention Schedules for Local Governments and State Agencies in 1994 in Intersect’s digital format for use in its Retention Schedule Manager application, and has maintained and updated the Texas Retention Schedules for its customers continuously since.

An innovative landmark in records management systems, the Retention Schedule Manager is a special purpose word processor and editor designed exclusively to allow a local government or state agency to easily create a suitable local control schedule through point-and-click selection of appropriate retention items form the Texas schedules, as well as allowing creation of custom retention items when necessary.  Revisions to the Texas schedules by a local government are tracked and the software supports submission of amendments to the Texas State Archives and Library Local Government Division for approval in the SLR 520 format.

The Retention Schedule Manager applications are compatible with Intersect’s Records Control and Management (RCAMS) database systems for managing electronic and physical records, allowing automatic calculation of retention disposal dates as new records are created in the system.

The RCAMS records management database systems are available in several configurations and licensing options, suitable for organizations ranging from the smallest local governments up to the largest Fortune 500 corporations.

Intersect Systems is the exclusive publisher of Clark’s Encyclopedia of Records Retention, a compilation of approximately 4000 business records titles and suggested retention periods for commercial enterprises, available in digital format for Intersect’s Retention Developer / Manager / Researcher (Retention DMR) software application.  

The Intersect records database systems include a state-of-the-art OCR engine and related functions to facilitate image scanning and indexing into the database system.

Frequently updated for the latest software and systems technology, the 2015 release of Intersect’s records management applications represents the most comprehensive series of records management capabilities ever from Intersect.

The Retention Schedule Manager applications provide compatible support for Sharepoint, offering a unique approach to managing records retention in Sharepoint.

Based in Texas, Intersect Systems has assembled a unique and capable team of individuals over the years who bring a consistent, knowledgeable, innovative, and experienced focus to records management systems.

Intersect Systems    

Celebrating Our 24th Anniversary  1992 - 2016