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Clark's Encyclopedia of Records Retention

Intersect Systems Inc. publishes Clark's Encyclopedia of Records Retention in digital format compatible with Intersect Systems' Retention Schedule Manager software series which includes Retention Developer / Manager / Researcher (Retention DMR). The Encyclopedia of Records Retention covers about 95% of the business records created and used by businesses and other organizations in the United States, including over 4,000 records titles and related descriptive information and retention recommendations.   

Make Intersect's Retention Developer / Manager / Researcher and Clark's Encyclopedia the central framework for your company's records control schedule:

Researching various sources and refining and maintaining a Records Control Schedule is a continuing process for corporate Records Managers. As you research retention requirements on Records Series in your control schedule, and as you tailor these for your organization's needs based on the areas of your business operations, the nature of your business, and other considerations, add citations to your Control Schedule and edit existing citations with Retention Developer / Manager / Researcher and the unique insertion editor for quick insertion of citations and comments into your Control Schedule.

With your Records Control Schedule completed, the Intersect Records Control and Management System database application interrogates your Records Control Schedule for each new container entry you make, or for each new electronic image series, to support calculating and entering appropriate retention requirements.

As a retention research tool, and as a retention schedule development and publishing system, Intersect's Retention DMR software and Clark’s Encyclopedia are a valuable resource for all types of business organizations.

Clark’s Encyclopedia of Records Retention